**Please note all streams are for Social Science Degree Students prior to 2014-2015. The NEW ISS Program does not consist of streams**

Economy and Society

This stream focuses on the intersection of economic analysis with social theory and philosophy. Of central importance are the issues related to the moral foundations and ethical critique of modern economic relations in capitalist societies. We also look at the limits of - and alternatives to - key economic institutions like the modern business firm.

Equity and Culture

In this stream, students are engaged in the study of equity and social justice as they affect different cultures. Issues of gender, war and peace, migration and refugees, and citizenship are examined critically.

Equity and Social Policy

In this stream, students are engaged in the study of equity, human rights and social justice issues. It includes discussion of policy, programs and practices in such areas as government and the economy. These issues are examined historically in Canadian and international contexts.

Health, Work and Society: Canadian and Global Perspectives

In this stream, students have the opportunity to study the social determinants of work and health as well as the social impact of policies and institutions related to work and health. We look at how problems in both of these areas have shaped many of the social challenges and policies of the Canadian state.

The interrelationships between social change, increased globalization as well as the emergence of human rights and social equity concerns in relation to health and work are also a major focus.

Social Theory

The courses in this stream explore the fundamental themes of classical and contemporary critical social theory. Among the areas covered are state-society relations, justice, community, democracy, culture and community.

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